The Snowflake Babies

The Snowflake Babies

For 20 years, Steven Baker has been writing, recording and performing music for himself with the Dementia Cookie Box. Now, he is writing for another purpose. Thank you, Jesus, for all that you have blessed us with. Amen.

Around 2005, Steven Baker (The Dementia Cookie Box, X-Ray Man and the Voltaic Variety Show) experienced a spiritual awakening. A realization that there was something larger and more powerful protecting us, and watching over us. Through very personal experiences he was able to find his way back to God. After writing, recording, producing and performing music for over 20 years, Steven feels that now is the time to give something back as a way of thanking Jesus for the talents he has been blessed with.

Steven is a public schoolteacher, an artist, a husband and a father. Over the past ten years, he has realized how important it is to be a good role model for young people and how badly some young people need a good role model. Steven is proud to have been blessed with the gifts of music and the ability to inspire and connect with children on a creative level, and feels it is important for him to be able to share his stories of personal and spiritual growth with the masses.

"Please enjoy these modest selections as a humble new beginning. Share them with friends, family and whomever you feel may need them. Thank you for so many years of support, and may God bless." ~Steven~

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