The Snowflake Babies - This is Steven Baker's solo project, and life after the Dementia Cookie Box.

It is said that everyone will have to be reborn. This is what happened to Steven in 2005. At that point, he made a promise to never doubt the existence and power of God again. Strange things happened that year to help guide Steven back onto a positive path and the Snowflake Babies are his gift back to the Lord. Realizations that he had been given his musical talents for a purpose had set in, and Steven figured that he had spent enough time making music for himself. It was now time to write new material - new songs that could possibly help other people, and spread the word of God in the process. Staying true to his roots, Steven hit the studio to make new rock music that chronicled some of the wondrous happenings that helped him rekindle his faith. This music is coming to you in hopes that it may help you too.